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Greetings to all!
Welcome to the Albedo School of Business Management,
a unique system of customized learning that brings classroom to your fingertips!

The evolutionary timeline of the digital technology never saw a dull moment ever since its inception. From the 1990s when individual ownership of a computer was unthinkable to a then student like me, to the desktops sitting on every office or study table in the first decade of 21st century, and from there to the synchronized world of trans-platform networking today, we have come a long way forward. Education, like data and information, was concurrently witnessing a digital revolution too. Digging into the printed textbooks was soon giving way to global classrooms and information available through handheld devices. The popularity and reach of these devices made learning possible at the time and place that suits the individual.

Keeping pace with such advancements and pioneering in bringing contemporary wisdom to every learner, ASBM stands for convenient, flexible and affordable continued education for all. We had always been in the pursuit of knowledge, making sure that our courses fulfill what the challenging times and global changes today demand. Powered by our academic research and working with universities and industry experts, ASBM brings to our students hundreds of courses across business management, marketing and technology and making them all available through efficient and flexible learner-directed environments. We understand that distance learning is an utmost necessity in today’s fast paced world. Our programs are streamlined to go with the busy schedules of the working professionals who wish to enhance their skills for the exciting challenges that lie ahead of them.

Our efforts are persistently directed at enhancing our virtual campus making it an experience that is as close to a real campus as can be – or even better! Here we try to create a space wherein the students can interact with their fellow learners, connect directly with the faculty in real time and access the various student services like the reference library, additional resources, tests etc. Employing of digital technology accentuates this experience by making all these available to you 24×7, as and when you need it . It is with much excitement that I welcome you to be part of the student community at ASBM . An extensive range of power packed course formulated on our three golden rules-absolute flexibility,relevance and affordability -awaits you here.Dream high,learn hard and succeed. Your goals are closer to you than you had ever imagined .

Dr. R. Sreekumar
Managing Director, ASBM

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