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ASBM was founded with a vision to provide top-grade skill enhancement to working professionals though sustained and structured programs. We aim to be an outstanding B-school that helps our students achieve a better and focused skill development. This, we believe, will make them confident, competent and better prepared for the professional world around.

  • Facilitating continued professional development and reskilling – It is our driving dream to transform our students, who may be the best professionals today, into the “bestest” ones of tomorrow. ASBM is committed to achieving this through well thought-out and introspective courses. These programs directed at improving skills will also help students realize and tap their full potential aiding career growth.
  • Developing a curriculum that is all encompassing and strategically designed – We aim at equipping our students with multidimensional skillsets– both academic and personal – that are essential to their success
  • Making our students ‘society ready’ – Education isn’t just about landing the right job. It is also about creating engaged citizens with a social commitment. We work towards fine tuning the social skills of our staff and students alike. This will enable them to contribute positively to the society that we live in.

To these ends, we anchor our objectives to seven strategic imperatives viz

Designing and developing our own courseware, ASBM always strives to offer programs of the highest quality. We also propagate the best ethical practices through all our programs.

We constantly work towards providing our students with the most valuable sources of information. This enables informed choices and decisions in the right direction.

Brilliance ought to be acknowledged and appreciated, no matter who it comes from. A happy workforce creates a happy workspace. This will also result in job satisfaction among employees and a better productivity.

A key objective of ASBM, we never underestimate the importance of life skills. Our programs are directed towards grooming our students accordingly. We continue to work towards a better training, integrating psychosocial capabilities with academics.

Todays world is propelled by the flexibility that technology offers. ASBM seek to keep up with the pace, passing on the digital advantage to our staff and students.

Apart from the academic edge, ASBM aims to help identify potential opportunities. We also focus on helping students create their own network presence, profile, social connections etc.

Our aims motivate us; our objectives keep us right on the track. Join us, and we are sure you’ll feel it for yourself too!

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