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Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety

The programme in short:

  • Helps you to know how to implement the safety, health, and welfare of people at work
  • Has five units : Introduction to Occupational Health, Hazard and Safety, Occupational Health and Safety Standards, Hazard and Risk Assessment Techniques, Emergency Preparedness and Response, and Safety Committee and Safety Management.

Occupational health and safety is the discipline concerned with preserving and protecting human resources in the workplace. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) relates to health, safety and welfare issues in the workplace. This includes the laws, standards and programs aimed at making the workplace better for workers, as well as anyone else who visits the company.

The course explains Occupational health risk, diseases, office ergonomics, hazards and safety. Occupational safety deals with all aspects of physical, mental and social health and safety in the workplace. It also briefs about the Legal acts and standards of occupational health and safety, OSHA recordkeeping and enforcement agency role in occupational health and safety. The course module also includes first aid, fire extinguishers, training methods and mock drills for awareness to the workers. And finally, the course appraises the Safety Committee and Safety Management at the workplace. Where an effective committee can help prevent injury and illness on the job; increase awareness of health and safety issues among workers, supervisors, and managers; and develop strategies to make the work environment safe and healthy.

This course will help to gain knowledge about the safety measures at workplace, types of hazards and health issues faced by the workers at the workplace and the emergency preparedness followed in a workplace for their safety, and importance of safety committee and management

Course Duration

1 Month

Course Fee

Rs 4999/- (Indian Residents)

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