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B.Com (Bachelor Program in Commerce) Statistics

B. Com (Bachelor Program in Commerce) Statistics is a graduate program combining various foundational courses which are perfect for a career in the corporate world. It is an independent discipline with interdisciplinary applications. This course prepares the candidates in totality with the methods that can be applied for gathering and interpretation of empirical information. Statistics lay the foundation for scientific accountable conclusions, planning and estimation.

Course Benefits ( Bachelor Program in Commerce) statistics helps students to explore career opportunities in a wide variety of disciplines like business, industries, computer science, health sciences, etc. There are many job opportunities for a statistic graduate – in areas of finance, analytics, software development, actuarial science etcIt paves way for higher education or a master’s degree in the chosen field . The demand for a professional statistician is very high both in India and abroad.

Course Duration

  • Fast Track: 1 Year
  • Regular: 3 Years

Exam Durations

  • Online Exam: 2hrs / paper


Plus two

Work Experience

3 Years Minimum

Course Fee


INR 42,889/- (Indian Residents)

USD 919/- (Non-Indian Residents)


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