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Certificate in Sales Management

The programme offers:


  • Detail account on Sales Management, Personal Selling, Sales Operation, Sales Forecasting and Sales Organization
  • Brief introduction and concepts of sales management, that will enable you to understand all about sales operations, sales forecasting and estimating future sales.

Sales Management is the process of developing a sales force, coordinating sales operations, implementing sales techniques which allow a business to consistently hit its sales targets. It is  focussed on practical applications of techniques used in sales. This is a crucial aspect of the business as net sales of products and services draw profit of the business. Usually a Sales Manager is hired to look after the sales and to manage them.

This course comprises Sales Management, Personal Selling, Sales Operation, Sales Forecasting and Sales Organization. There are five units in this course which explain each topic in detail. This course will help us to gain knowledge of effective methods and techniques of the sales management department in an organization to achieve its objectives and sales targets.

The course gives a brief introduction about concepts, nature, roles, process, strategy, environment and techniques of sales management which help us to get an idea on what is sales management. It also appraises the personal selling, where personal selling refers to sell the product after meeting face-to-face with the customer. The seller promotes the product through their attitude, appearance and product knowledge. The course covers all aspects of sales operations, sales forecasting, where sales forecasting refers to the process of estimating future sales. It also teaches about the sales organization, where a sales organization is a department that designs the sales requirements of an organization.The course details about the purpose of the organization, organizational structure, centralization and decentralization in sales, duties and responsibilities of a sales manager and so on.

Course Duration

1 Month

Course Fee

Rs 4999/- (Indian Residents)

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