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Certificate in Retail Management

The course explains:


  • Basic principles of the retail industry
  • Study on retailing & analysis of the retail environment
  • Behaviour of customers in the retail industry
  • Contribution and importance of technology in the retail industry

Retailing refers to the method which supports the customers to obtain the desired products from the retail stores for their end-use. Retail management includes all the steps needed to bring the customers into the store and satisfy their buying requirements. This course comprises the entire elements used in the retail industry.

The course has five units which are the fundamental principles of retail enterprise such as marketing strategy & planning, customer behaviour, product policy, distribution, promotion, segmentation and pricing decisions. This course presents an in-depth study on retailing, analysis of the retail environment and also marks the issues and developments in the retail industry.

The program outlines the different methods done in retail stores like management of retail formats, Visual merchandising and space management etc. This course also aids in learning subjects like retail operations and pricing systems used in retail management and also communicates about the participation and influence of technology of retail like e-tailing and its evolving trends.

Course Duration

1 Month

Course Fee

Rs 4999/- (Indian Residents)

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