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BA Economics

The BA Economics is a three-year graduate course that deals with the knowledge about various focal points of economics and Finance along with the techniques and solutions to tackle them effectively. The objective of the course is to provide theoretical knowledge that makes accurate analysis of the economic situation possible. B.A Economics focuses on the core fundamentals of Economics, Economic theories, and their applications. BA Economics primarily concentrates on topics such as Demand and Supply, History of Indian Economy, National Income, Inflation, and Deflation, Production, and Supply, etc

Course Benefits

Wide spread applicability of economics is demanding more and more economics graduates. This course focuses on the contemporary issues an economy faces and traces the historical contexts in shaping the economy. This course helps to develop a clear and deep understanding of the Indian economy, economic theory, tools of analysis, and the ability to use these skills and apply them to current economic issues. BA Economics graduates are offered placements in various financial sectors such as Banks, Multinational Companies, and other private sectors

Course Duration

  • Fast Track: 6 Months
  • Regular: 3 Years

Exam Durations

  • Online Exam: 2hrs / paper


12th or BPP

Work Experience

3 Years Minimum

Course Fee

Rs 42,658/- (Indian Residents)

USD 914/- (Non-Indian Residents)

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