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B.Com Finance is a graduate programme which offers wide openings for students embedded with attractive career opportunities. •The objective of this course is to provide competitive edge to the students to solve global business challenges.B.Com Finance primarily focuses on the systematic study of the concepts about the basics of accounting, finance, GST, Insurance, business and topics related in relation to the world of finance

Course Benefits

B.Com Finance analyses data driven from accounting to predict the future growth of a company and to also analyse expenditure. B.Com finance helps to create professionals who can deal well with economic and financial matters. The course helps the candidate in developing managerial skills along with accounting skills.B.Com Finance graduates get the opportunity to work on the financial, accounting, Banking, funding related areas of some of the finest tech and non-tech-based companies across the globe, as it is the backbone of every business entity.

Course Duration

  • Fast Track: 1 Year
  • Regular: 3 Years

Exam Durations

  • Online Exam: 2hrs / paper


Plus two Commerce

Work Experience

3 Years Minimum

Course Fee


INR 42,889/- (Indian Residents)

USD 919/- (Non-Indian Residents)


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