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ASBM Training and Development programs are designed with an overall objective of making the students a workable workforce in the field of Sales and Marketing with an aim to develop a curriculum that bridges the Industry Academia gap that currently exist in India.

A standard framework of integrated market-classroom learning, whereby courses, field assignments, seminars, projects and personality development platforms strive to harness the potential of each student in terms of developing their multi-dimensional selling skills that is expected in the current industries.

Each programme provides a realisation on the job requirements, hardships and smart work pattern across sales and marketing vertical which is far different from the expectations of the fresh candidates.

The curriculum is designed to give ample opportunity to develop innovative and exploratory thinking. It also helps the student to develop individual structured approaches within the appropriate professional context.

The curriculum helps the students develop critical, analytical, speculative and reflective problem-solving skills in an integrated manner that helps them to understand the scenario cum user based approach of selling.

The curriculum also focus on the overall student personality development which makes them easy fit to the professional platforms.

The objective, learning value and standard for each course are predetermined, but the context and relevance is repositioned by the faculty depending on the changing realities of the sales and marketing profession and the level of professional competence achieved and demonstrated by the each group of students.

ASBM Training and Development aims to generate the scope for opportunities to integrate experiential and explorative learning in order to create workable workforce for the competitive industries.

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